PLM for the
Digital Thread

Enable continuity
across products,
processes, and people.

The Digital Thread Ensures
Collaboration and Traceability

Manufacturers face greater change and opportunity than ever. Product developers, manufacturing and service process planners, supply chain managers, sales, and support teams are spread across the globe and require secure access to up-to-date product information. Creating consistency, collaboration, and alignment across all these functions is critical.

Many manufacturers are able to create a seamless digital thread with product lifecycle management (PLM) as the backbone. This single source of data synchronizes upstream and downstream information in real time and creates a “closed-loop” lifecycle system. Simply put, a digital thread means all people, processes, and products are supported by a single set of easily accessible data.

The Digital Thread at Work

Fueling IT Collaboration
IT needs to ensure quality, productivity, and compliance while enabling digital transformation projects that require integrating complex systems across globally distributed teams. With a PLM-enabled digital thread, IT can do just that. By automating the flow of accurate information across a secure and open architecture, IT gains digital traceability and data governance across all cross-discipline systems and processes. The result is effective collaboration and faster innovation.

Ensuring Engineering Efficiency
Engineering leaders are charged with ensuring that globally distributed teams and tools are in sync, engineers are productive, and quality-related costs are low. This is challenging in environments characterized by disjointed product development systems and processes. With the right enterprise PLM system, traceability and governance of product data across the enterprise is achieved.

Aligning Manufacturing with Engineering
Today’s manufacturing leaders are focused on digitally transforming their operational processes and teams. To lower production time and operating costs, it’s essential to reduce rework, excessive scrap, and labor. PLM is key to overcoming these challenges and delivering higher quality products to market faster. With it, manufacturing shares a seamless flow of real-time, accurate information with engineering, enabling the teams to work concurrently.

PLM Capabilities

With a PLM system in place, you create the foundation for the
digital thread and provide all required stakeholders with access
to the real-time data they need, when they need it.

Manufacturing Process Management

Enable concurrent planning and development of products to accelerate your time to manufacture.

Quality Management

Continually improve product quality and reduce service instances for higher customer satisfaction.

Change and Configuration Management

Make dynamic, fast-paced, and coordinated changes throughout the product lifecycle to ensure all stakeholders access the most up-to-date product information.

Product Data Management

Manage multi-CAD data in a single system using tight integration with Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and other CAD tools.

BOM Management

Provide full traceability between engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service with comprehensive out-of-the-box BOM management.

Product Variability Management

Master the scale and complexity of your product variants to ensure customers get the products they need and want.

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